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Common Q&As


Plantbid started out two years ago as a collaboration between a Landscaper and a Nursery with one huge goal: to revolutionize the horticulture industry and make plant sourcing easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

We're not a plant broker, or another one-plant-at-a-time search engine. Plantbid's® proprietary search system and procurement software recommends the best way to source all of the plants you need for a specific job.

Visit our Tools page to see what Plantbid® can do. Then take Plantbid on a risk-free test drive today.

Give us a list of the plants you need and our proprietary search system recommends which growers to order from and how much of each plant to purchase from each. Take our recommendation as is, or make a few changes. Then submit your plant request electronically to each nursery. Confirm your shipping information with each and you're done!

Plantbid searches availabilities from all over the country, or just in the region that you specify, even from growers you've never heard of. So you can be sure that you're getting the lowest prices possible.

Prefer vendor reputation over low costs? Have special discounts and relationships with specific nurseries? Don't worry, Plantbid factors all of that information into your search results, too.

Unfortunately, if you're using Internet Explorer, especially the older versions, you may experience problems on our site unless you switch to a better browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Call us at 985-845-4104 to speak with one of our trained support staff. They can walk you through any problems you may have. Or if you think you may need someone to show you, we can have our sales rep for that area stop by to give you a one-on-one training. It is no problem and they are more than happy to help and support you!

Pricing and Billing

We don't charge anything to the nurseries and growers, which gives our database a boost from more growers: there's no reason for them not to list with us.

We do charge a small fee to search for plant material. Since our system finds the best way to buy your entire order, letting us do the work of estimating, shipping and worrying about nursery minimums, we think it's worth it.

Don't take our word for it. We give you completely free and unlimited access to our search system for 14 days. Put in your own past plant orders and see what nurseries we recommend and for what prices, and see just how fast our system works. We're confident you'll love it.

At the end of your trial period – and not before! – we'll ask you for a credit card.

The amount we charge is described in detail on the pricing page. But in short, we charge a small percentage of the cost of the plant material you're searching for.

And to make sure we're giving you the best deal, we base our fee on the absolute minimum possible material price that matches your search terms, while ignoring shipping and any fees whatsoever. And we ignore pickup and delivery minimums, too. So we can guarantee that when you do buy your plant material through Plantbid, the basis for our fee will always be less than what you actually pay for your plants.

With each search you perform on the site, we'll always ask your permission to charge your account, and we'll tell you how much our fee for the search is. So you don't have to worry about surprises and hidden costs. We'll always be up front about what our service costs.

For Plant Sellers

It’s simple. Just send your most current availability to to get started. Once we have received your availability, an account representative will contact you with your username and password and further directions.

That’s not a problem. Call Plantbid at 985-845-4104 to speak with a sales support representative. They will assign you a username and password and walk you through how to create your own availability with Plantbid’s® easy-to-use inventory tool.

For Plant Buyers

It’s very easy. Simply go to the Sign-Up page and fill out the fields with your information. If you have any questions or problems when signing-up, you can call 985-845-4104 to speak with a sales support representative. They can answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.