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There are many different ways to harness the power of Plantbid.

RequestRequest For Proposal

Automatically send your entire plant list to all of the nurseries in our network that accept RFPs and gain exposure to plant suppliers you never knew existed. Plant suppliers will price the items that they can fulfill from your list and quote the freight needed to land that material at your job location.

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QuoteBid Developing

Just need to price a future job? Plantbid's Quote tool uses the only open-inventory plant sourcing tool on the market to personally source your entire plant list, minus supplier names, and get quick access to price points to add into your bid sheet. We supply the lowest, average and highest costs per item so you can adjust your bid price however you feel comfortable.

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BrokerLight Brokering

Let us do it for you! Plantbid® offers its light brokering service to take all the heavy lifting out of your hands and deliver you qualified plant sourcing options for your final confirmation. You simply confirm payment and delivery to your job location.

This service is offered as an addition to any of our pricing plans.

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