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Plant Professionals

Plantbid works as hard as you do.

Plantbid's proprietary processes allow you to search any combination of plants, including calculated freight, from an extensive database of nurseries to deliver efficient plant sourcing solutions for every unique plant list. Plantbid is the one sourcing product that lets you search your entire list at one time.

How does it work for you?

Nurseries nationwide provide us their full and updated inventories.

Based on your job site location, Plantbid digs through the nursery data and matches your unique plant list with multiple practical and efficient purchasing options.

You maintain personal contact with your plant sourcing vendors, but now you have more choices and more sources.

Get Started With The Right Tools

Just like there are hundreds of attachments for your power drill, there are many different ways to use the power of Plantbid®. You can use any of our tools, no matter which price plan you have.

Customized Plant Search

Search based on your preferences. Save your favorite nurseries and apply known discounts. Compare your favorites side-by-side with new sourcing options. Block vendors you no longer want to use.

Unlimited Inventory View

Search the entire inventory of any nursery. Unlike other search tools, we allow our customers to view complete stock availabilities of nurseries that have given this permission.

Get A Good Look

The Picture Request Tool means you can see it before you buy it. The Plantbid® Rating System allows customers to evaluate nurseries and keeps the network fair and open.

Support Systems

Plantbid is easy to use — honest! But customer support is standing by, in case you need a helping hand. We’ve also created resource tools designed to help you network with other industry pros.

The search tool is easy to use and really thinks like I do when it comes to buying plant materials for my jobs. The bottom line is Plantbid saves me time and money, both of which my growing business could use more of.”

—SWLA Lawn & Landscapers, Lake Charles, LA

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