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RequestRequest For Proposal


Quickly bid on job proposals in one easy–to–use tool.


  • Customers submit plant lists.
  • You reply with prices.
  • Customers buy your plants.

How it works

  1. Plant professionals submit their whole plant order on Plantbid.
  2. You receive REQUESTs in your email and on your dashboard.
  3. Each REQUEST auto-fills with items that match from your inventory. Plantbid does it for you.
  4. For each item, you can choose a price and an item from your inventory, fill out an outsourced plant, or mark it as Not Available.
  5. Enter your freight charges, apply discounts, and send the REQUEST back to your customer.
  6. You are notified instantly when the customer chooses to purchase your REQUEST.
  7. Finalize the job with a phone call to arrange payment and freight.



There’s no commitment and no cost to list your product on the Plantbid Network. You can receive and respond to the REQUESTs submitted by our customers for free! There are no strings attached because Plantbid was designed to help you acquire new customers, build personal relationships with those customers, and reach the right qualified customers for what you grow as soon as you become part of the network.

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