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Plan Options – Buyers

If you'd rather pre-pay for your usage on Plantbid, we offer plans to support you.

Subscription Plan

Predicatble monthly costs. More savings.

Pay up front, save on our standard fee, and keep your allotment until you've used it up*.

  • Includes our single-plant search tool for FREE.
  • Includes QUOTES for FREE.
  • Includes REQUESTS for FREE.
  • Saves you money compared to our Standard Plan.
  • Subscription prices are based on how much plant material you purchase. See the chart below for the breakdown.
Your plant purchasesPrice
Up to $10,000 $245
Up to $25,000 $575
Up to $50,000 $1,100
Up to $75,000 $1,600
Up to $100,000 $2,000
Up to $250,000 $3,700
Up to $500,000 $6,700
Up to $750,000 $9,000
Up to $1,000,000 $10,000

With these plan options, you buy an allotment of plant material to use for SEARCH.

We stand behind our 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not happy, just let us know.

Plan usage is based on lowest available material price per item in the Plantbid inventory database.

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* Plans and unused allotments expire after two years.

See details for pricing plan terms and conditions.